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Dear reader!


There are two possibilities: our world works according to rules or we live in chaos.

The proof is very simple:

If rules rule the world, then every change has a reason and EVERY happening is only possible according to the rules (in one way). The past clearly defines the present.

If someone claims that a change (event) is also possible that is not subject to rules, then he is letting the chaos into his world. Such an event can be any, since there are no rules for it. If anything is possible, then anything can happen anytime, anywhere - precisely because change does not follow rules.

There is no intermediate version!

Since cannot be said to the non-rulable event what it should be, since it does not take place according to rules, it can be anything in the broadest possible sense. That's why I call it chaos. So a world of chaos or rules - there is no middle ground.


In a world dependent on rules, everything and everyone has a destiny. It is not worth writing about a world that not depend on rules, because in such a world anything can happen anywhere, at any time, since there are no rules for irregular events.

Believe it or not, the consciousness of destiny is the hope of those who suffer.


If you are satisfied with your life and are not interested in new philosophical knowledge, then my writing is not useful for you.

However, if you are not completely satisfied with your life or are open to new knowledge, then my writing may be useful for you.

The primary goal of my writing is to help those who are searching for the meaning of the world and people suffering from spiritual wounds. It can be simple dissatisfaction, hatred, anger, fear, or anything similar.

My secondary goal is to show new philosophical knowledge to readers with a philosophical interest or knowledge. My presented logic shows the world in a new light.

I do not aim to publish advertising or marketing content, collect money, etc. I am driven solely by the intention to help.

My writing does not depend on religion or politics. I build on pure logic. I will present a logical system of connections and, based on this, some interesting conclusions, and then, along with some other thoughts, I will present a view of life. This view of life can be a radically new concept for you.

If you have any doubts, think back to the introductory thoughts. Have you ever wondered if the world is depend on rules? Would you have thought that if the world were not ruled by rules, then chaos would be the only alternative? Are you sure you understand the concept of fate correctly?


!!! I update my writing about every month. Its development depends on my free time.

If my writing helped you and you feel that it can help your friends too, then give them the contact information of my website or download it this introduction as a pdf document and pass it on.

My name: Zoltán Kollár

The content on my pages is solely the product of my own thoughts. I usually give the source of the quotes.

The first time is when I published this article on my website: 2022. 10. 31.

I will gladly read any well-intentioned comments, suggestions, or questions you may have if you write them to



If you find an error in my logic, please write it. This can only be a logical error. Please don't write that experiments have proven that

The experiments refer to the Universe perceived by humans, and due to human characteristics, our perception and therefore our measurements are also limited. If you will understand my logic, you can see why I am writing this.

I'm open to anything if it helps my writing goals.


The original text is in Hungarian. The Hungarian language can be very nuanced, so some parts may not be translated well by Google Chrome. Please try to "read between the lines" when using Google Translate.



I plan to study the Scriptures of religions and then compare them with my logic (including the teachings of Buddha and Taoism). The realization of these researches and analyzes is a huge task. My time is limited and progress depends on my free time.

The philosophical content of my writing can be read on my Logic page. If someone notices an error in my logic, I will check the correctness of their opinion and correct the relevant part if necessary.



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